Manual The Making of Nagorno-Karabagh: From Secession to Republic

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“The Making of Nagorno-Karabagh: From Secession to Republic” that had been assigned to the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic in the early s.
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Fighting broke out on April 2 this year, breaking the ceasefire agreement. The next day, Azerbaijani forces clashed with Armenian-backed NKR forces with tanks, gunships and heavy artillery. The short war ended on April 5 with a ceasefire agreement brokered by Russia. However on April 26, two NKR soldiers were killed following scattered gunshots that continued through the night. Azerbaijan is backed by Turkey because of a shared Turkic ethnicity.

They share security and energy resources, most prominently through the Baku—Tbilisi—Ceyhan oil pipeline, which runs from Azerbaijan to Georgia and Turkey. Armenia, which is isolated in the region, has aligned itself with Russia, which is also the broker for ceasefires and a member of the OSCE Minsk Group. Because Turkey has not recognized the Armenian Genocide of of 1. About half of them live in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku. In , Armenia welcomed and resettled Syrian-Armenians fleeing the Syrian civil war in the Nagorno-Karabakh district of Kashatagh, which lies near the border it shares with Armenia.

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May 11, Admin Blog. Prev Post. Next Post. All rights reserved. I agree with the final conclusion - which does not specify who adopted declaration of independence, precisely because it has already concluded in para that it was not Kosovo authorities. What does it matter who adopted the declaration of independence? You serbs should really start to take care of important things and not wasting time on things that you know you shouldn't even think about.

Plus after some years now as i know ICJ declared fully support on kosovos independence that it didn't violate any international law, because it didnt violate the laws of yugoslavia. You can't compare kosovo with some other thing like catalunya, because catalunya is under spain's consitution and kosovo was under yogoslavia's constitution not serbia's.

You are right.


A moment of truth in the Nagorno-Karabakh talks?

The true difference is that living in Spain is fun and living in Serbia is utterly boring. Anyone wishing the Kosovars to go back there either suffers from horrible poor taste or is a heartless bastard. No disrespect to the fun nightlife in Belgrade and the liberal youth of the Serbian capital. The most meaningful difference between the two cases stands in their geopolitical location. Kosovo has been recognized by most of the European Union, where this region will be eventually included.

The real game will be far from over then, it'll just start. The decisive move will be some form of union, and then formal merger between Kosovo and Albania proper. Don't forget of Albanian aspirations toward big chunks of Macedonia and Montenegro inhabited by Albanian minorities. How about Republic Serpska? They also have their religion Christianity , while Bosnia is dominantly Muslim. Bosnian and Serbian are also 2 languages. Krayina before ethnic cleansing in Croatia should also unite with Serbia Orthodox vs.

Catholic, Serbian vs. Should they get an independence, because there is no difference with Kosovo case study? I will never understand the irrelevant silliness of ever smaller geographies looking for nationhood. Kosovo is economically similar in GDP to the Denver metropolitan area with a third more population. First , we are not talking about 'geographies' but ethnic population which is struggling for their existence.

Nobody threatens Denver's right to existence and nobody conducts ethnic cleansing of Denver population. That's not the case in either Kosovo or Karabakh cases - it's most of all question of survival. Today, it's zero. Maybe they were too small to exist, huh? And BTW, are you proposing introducing a new measure e. Where do we draw the line in the sand? No, its not necessary.

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One needs to recall that there were plenty of city-states all over Europe without a separate language and religion. Lusy, the reference you've mentioned here is written by Armenian. Are sure that writer of an article keep everything as it was in back history??? Not only Armenians are gone, but every trace of them has been meticulously destroyed by Azeri military". First, if you have any knowledge about so-called Armenian genocide of you should know that these events are claimed to took place in the eastern parts of the present Republic of Turkey, not in Nakhichevan and any other region of Azerbaijan.

Why "so-called" - because Armenian side still rejects Turkey's official proposal to form joint working group of historians and to conduct joint investigations in the archives of Turkey and Armenia. Secondly, in , Azerbaijan was a province of the Russian Empire as a result of the Turkmenchay Treaty between Russia and Iran on separation of Azerbaijan and did not even have any police unite, not to mention about military.

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Let's assume that there was an Amenian cemetery in Nakhichevan and Azeris destroyed it. How can it be logical to claim that Nakhichevan was historical Armenian land based on the fact of existence just one cemetery.

Origins of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Moreover, You can find hundreds of Azeri cemeteries not just in Nakhichevan, but in the present Armenia in a ruined state. If you can't do the same this discussion is meaningless - not only for me but for any self-respecting reader. It's quite funny to read how you are dancing around the Armenian Genocide I almost feel for you - "so-called", "claimed to took place" Why I think the Turkish "proposal" to form so-called "joint work group" is disingenuous? Because you cannot on one hand have a sincere wish to understand what happened and on the other keep repeating that "there's no genocide in Turkish history", punish people with jail terms for referring to the Genocide using infamous article etc etc.

Anyone with an IQ of a squid can see through this proposal - as a cheap ploy to stop the waive of recognition across the World - so don't insult others' intelligence by referring to this proposal. The mainstream historians know perfectly well what really happened, and it's time for Turkish government to stop this senseless denial, as it obviously backfires. In terms of Nakhichevan's history - I agree with you - an existence of a single cemetery even if it's huge is perhaps not enough after all, perfidious Armenians could bring their dead all the way to "azeri territory" to later prove their rights to the land ;.

I did refer to the link to show that the destruction of Armenian traces in Nakhichevan continues till today and no, the destruction didn't happen in , it happened several years ago. For your convenience here are a couple of independent sources referring to the shameful incident:. Hope I clarified a thing or two for you. Next time when you have an urge to claim "Totally false information" - do your due diligence first, spend minutes on researching the subject - for the sake of keeping this discussion relevant. Not because of the fact that our positions on certain matters contradict with each other.

Again, I advise you to distinguish fact from fiction. If Armenian side is so sure in his position, why do they deny proposal to form joint working group and to research academically? How can you regard the last decision of the French Parliament to criminalize the denial of the Armenian genocide? The last manifestation of the violation of freedom of expression. True democracy can be developed not by criminalizing the opinions but through the competition of different thoughts. If France aims to stop denial of must distinguish discrimination and insult in attitude to the Armenian people from the freedom of expression.

It, in its turn can not be provided through the punishing of the individuals. How you can call yourself unbiased not to reference to any Azeri source while speaking about the Azerbaijani history and land? Advise: Do not hide yourself behind the questionable references.

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The real educational gap is to refer other opinions rather than putting forward your own. Kosovo is a sui generis case because comes from the disintegration of Yugoslavia and was UN Messenger Ahtisaari decided that this was the best choice. Vojvodina had the same status as Kosovo and according to this Vojvodina is an illegal part of Serbia and must get independence immediately!

Law on Abolishment of Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast - Wikipedia

Since you are obviously an expert on the region's history you would of course know that Shah Abbas deported the entire Armenian population of Nakhchivan to Persia , not years ago. Google Julfa cemetery as an example. BenLondon, guest-iwiwajn is accurate about Nakhchivan. Nevertheless Armenians wanted more and after ethnic cleansning of Armenia from Azeri they have done ethnic cleansing of Karabakh and other 7 regions of Azerbaijan. Yet, the history shows that demography can be changed again - and it will be done when occupied territories will be liberated from Armenian military according to four UN resolutions our UN Security Council Resolutions , , , and , PACE Resolution , UN General Assembly Resolution from 62th session , calling on unconditional withdrawal of Armenian troops from Azerbaijani territories and allowing refugees to return to their homes.

The same deportation policy carried out to different nations in Caucasus, including Circassians, Georgians and Azerbaijanis. More over you may already know that according to Turkmenchay treaty between Russia and Persia more than I have watched that video if you meant "destruction part", honestly I saw that some men were cleaning rocky areas from stones, it's not obviously and clear that they destruct monuments and issue taken place in Julfa.

For comparison you can google for Agbaban Moslem cemetery. That is complete garbage, and an Azerbaijani source does not help your argument in the slightest. Yerevan was built and inhabited by Armenians nearly years ago.

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Is Another Unknown Country with an Uncertain Future

Turkic tribes, the ones that migrated from the steppes of Central Asia, and the ones who helped form the Turkish and Azerbaijani cultures did not show up in the region until the 10th century. Neither mathematically nor historically, your argument does not make any sense. Also, let's not forget about the Baku, Ganga, Sumgayit Pogroms of the Soviet Union in which Azerbaijanis ethnically cleansed their towns of Armenians, and chased the country's , plus Armenian population out of the country in a matter of months.

This was 3 years before any war had been declared by the way, so please spare us your cherry-picked history lessons.

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Even assume that Yerevan established years before, there should be evidences at least from archaeological point of view. There is no such old buildings as in Rome , Athens and other ancient cities of the ancient world, I know your next argument will be like :" Yerevan was destroyed by Turco-Mongols" do not forget to provide facts and evidences to support your arguments and claims. Gallops, in the references I have posted were pictures of ancient Azeri fortress in the middle of Erevan,one should be blind to deny that Erevan was built by Azeri, which were main population of Erevan.

Your blidness is explained by the fact that you read only armenian propaganda: open your mind and investigate the facts - you will be surprised and terrified how many lies you are existing with. From the very first day of Sumgait riots, the Armenian side held Azerbaijanis totally responsible for these events and tried to form the idea in the eyes of the world community that Azerbaijanis had committed an act of genocide against the Armenians.

Yet, court investigation show that the terrible and bloody events which happened in Sumgait had been well planned. It was established that in January-February , i.